A Qualitative Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Productivity of Remote Workers   Delroy Antonio Hunt   Sofia University Doctor of Business Administration Degree Dissertation May 2022   Abstract This study examines the factors that contribute to the productivity of remote workers in the marketing and web design industry. TheRead More →

Sherri Papini

Sherri Papini: The Abduction Hoax In November 2016, Sherri Papini, a 34-year-old mother of two from Redding, California, disappeared while jogging. Her disappearance made national headlines, and she was eventually found safe on Thanksgiving Day after being released by her alleged kidnappers. Papini’s story was initially met with widespread sympathyRead More →

Accident, Suicide or Murder S1 E1 The Sinister Minister

When we think of religious leaders, images of morality, guidance, and trust often come to mind. But the tale of Reverend Arthur “A.B.” Schirmer, a former pastor from Pennsylvania, paints a much darker picture. His story serves as a chilling reminder that even those in positions of trust can harborRead More →

Danelo Cavalcante

After a 14-day exhaustive manhunt, Danelo Cavalcante, a convict who escaped Chester County Prison in late August 2023, was apprehended in September 2023. The capture took place in a forested section of South Coventry Township by a combined force of Pennsylvania State Police and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. TheRead More →